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In The Age of Uncertainty

Today’s businesses struggle with areas such as:

  • The bottom line being dependent on engagement and productivity.
  • Employees do just enough to escape under the radar.
  • Uncertainty about current trends in both global and local business.
  • Increased stress across business owners, CEO’s and employees.
  • Disengagement of employees and executives.
  • Inefficient and unproductive meetings.
  • Deadlines impacted by information and communication overwhelm.

When you’re not in the game, you lose traction and engagement to who you are, what you’re doing and how that impacts all of your life. Engagement is a relevant problem for today’s business owners, business leaders, contractors or employees. And having everyone on your team onboard optimizes the impact that you and your business can have on the world!

Work-Related Stress

Evidence-Based Research Shows:

      • $500 Billion lost revenue for U.S. companies!
      • $190 Billion in healthcare costs!
      • Job insecurity increased the odds of reporting poor health by 50%!
      • Working beyond 40 hours per week increased mortality by almost 20%!
      • High stress jobs raised the odds of physician diagnosed illness by 35%!


5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity

Carol and Paul wrote this book together. It’s a story of how they lost everything, including their home and what they did to rebuild their lives becoming closer as a couple. They did it alone and this book

will give you many practical application skills to create opportunities out of challenges. And since most businesses are composed of teams, are you ready to have them perform outstandingly?


Paperback and e-book editions available at:

iBook available at:



A 9-part proven system that pulls it all into an effective composite to upgrade your work-life balance

  • Upgrading your business mindsets, team dynamics, engagement and attitudes
  • Decreased stress and more innovative vitality
  • Teams working together effortlessly toward a common goal
  • No dispute over leadership roles
  • And much, much more!


You’ll See Ultimate Positive Results in the areas of:

  • More engagement and commitment to grow with your business
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Efficiency & Productivity
  • Team Dynamics & Collaboration working with different perspectives
  • Adaptability & Resilience
  • Psychological Safety to participate – even when you don’t feel like an expert at something!

About Us


Carol Benson and Paul Benson are individuals (very much so!) who have come together with a higher purpose in mind. Between the two of them, they’ve done pretty much every single personal growth training and studied with many teachers and guru types. A real journey of the unknown for sure!

As a couple for almost 15 years, they knew they wanted to work together, but it took some time to get into alignment with a clear focus on how they could serve others. And along the way, they’ve lost multi-million dollar businesses, a home, faced bankruptcy, wrote a book and basically rose from the ashes when the rug was pulled out from under them in 2009.

Their mission is to curate across generations, genders and cultural diversity the best of the personal growth systems to cut through all the stuck mindsets and grow from the inside out to have a fantastic work-life balance. Carol and Paul in their journey together have not only had a blast and want to “pinch themselves” daily about how much fun they have, but have become masterful at mindset shifting, resiliency crafting and opportunity creation.

Their business, “It Doesn’t Feel Like Work,” is focused on bringing in evolutionary conscious leadership to shift the way the business is done. Doing business “the old way” isn’t working as well any longer. Carol and Paul, via consulting and training, show people in business how to build new perspectives in work-life balance with their proven 9-point system. Think of it as Personal Growth meets Business with tangible systems!

Both are Mindvalley Certified Trainers and leaders in the San Francisco Mindvalley Group events.

And because they are both dynamic and evolving individuals, there’s definitely two of them with complementary skills in this flowing partnership. Carol is an author, creatively inspired writer, conscious dancer, vital health aficionado for decades, who has an aversion to boredom. She’s a mom of two millennial sons and works with quirky kids on the autism spectrum, ADHD, social anxiety, sensory processing disorders and more as a licensed speech language pathologist. She thrives on being an unstoppable force of insights for unique business collaboration and in helping business owners create profitable connections. She specializes in mindset perspectives and social-emotional intelligence strategies for business owners. Carol’s also trained as a Conscious Business Change Agent.

Paul, on the other hand, is a serial entrepreneur. It’s in his wiring, and he’s passionate about doing business consciously. He loves systems! He’s had several multi-million dollar a year businesses. With a background in somatic psychology, he decided that business was much more interesting and has had a successful contracting business for 30 years. He’s also committed to conscious dancing, hiking, and living life agelessly along with Carol.

Carol and Paul wrote together the highly-acclaimed book, “5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity,” (2013, Highpoint Life).



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