The 3 Top Essential Leadership Qualities Being an Essential Leader is much more than where you went to school or what your professional experience has been. Leadership is a state of being.

Your experience to get you where you are right now impacts who you’ve become. So you’re obviously qualified, right?

And we have to tell you that just because you’re a codified “leader” that doesn’t mean you have nothing left to learn! You must learn how to “be” to be any good at inspiring, motivating and well, leading others!

There are three qualities that you need as an influential leader:

1. Be strategic! Get very clear on what you want and what you’re moving toward! Clarity of Direction + Enthusiasm +
Strategic Goals = Unstoppable Influence

2. Support and celebrate teamwork growth and individual growth!

3. Know how to accurately “read” others with skillful perception and rapport!

As an Essential Leader you can upgrade your company culture into a state of being of personal growth for not only each team but every individual too. Watch revenue and motivation soar! True leadership is not only about your degree(s) or experience.

It’s about developing an inner resiliency for consciously disrupting habits that get in the way of collaboration, team alignment, innovation and profits. When you have the skills to upgrade the culture, pivoting on each individual’s talents, will exponentially create more job satisfaction, contributions to the company’s growth and more.