Carol and Paul Benson are co-founders of “It Doesn’t Feel Like Work” and the Bay Area Social Entrepreneurs group. They work with business owners, team managers and entrepreneurs who are not working efficiently which results in low income, high stress, not enough time or enough energy for their personal life. They show business people how to find their genius pathway of flow to then rewrite their life with less resistance for more energy, calm, happiness, focus and financial freedom.


Carol’s an author and a certified conscious business consultant and is a licensed speech and language pathologist with specialties in social and emotional IQ, team building, helping you with your “Why,” mindfulness and the latest in brain science technologies. She’s fueled with energetic creativity and focused inspiration for living and working a thriving life.

Paul’s a successful multi-million-dollar business entrepreneur for the past thirty years. Once trained in somatic psychology, he realized early on that creating a growth-oriented business culture contributed in a greater way than just having a business success. Specialties include  customer engagement and satisfaction, advanced sales and negotiation, creative offers and mentoring advanced leadership skills. He is truly a conscious business entrepreneur example in motion.

Together, Carol and Paul are Mindvalley Certified Trainers with a wide-range of talents, professional experiences and certifications betweern them. Carol as a speech language pathologist, conscious business coach, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and more. Paul as a
conscious business owner for over thirty years is a successful entreprener with a background in sales, negotiation, psychology, Speaker and is a Certified GeniusU Flow Consultant.


To bring to millions of business leaders the latest in neuroscience advances in mindfulness, intuition and living a rewarding work-life. With innovative individual and group trainings, we show you how to unleash a “whole-self-first” approach for rapid growth, thriving and lifestyle integration.  New perspectives to shift your vision into a reality. Using a powerful force field of commitment that leads business leaders toward unpredictable and continuously upgraded new frontiers of creative transformational up-leveling. We do our best to understand human nature and how change happens so we can bring to you the latest up leveling advances.