In doing business in today’s global market and to do it well, HOW CONNECTED you are will make a huge difference for you in all areas. To give you a glimpse into WHY this is so important, see if any of the questions below ring true for you:

  • Are you a leader or business owner who is constantly scrambling for more business?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re on automatic pilot in your work?
  • Have you recently experienced sluggish growth and reduced revenue streams?
  • Do you at times feel overwhelmed with what you need to attend to?
  • Are you successful but feel as if you’ve hit a plateau in your business growth?
  • Day by day, are you less engaged than you once were in your business?
  • Is it a challenge to recruit, train and keep a great team on the same page as you?
  • Once you train a new employee, do they stay longer than 2-years?
  • Are you anxious or disenchanted with networking opportunities, sales and negotiation?

Now, pause for a bit and connect to how you might feel about any of the above insights.

Ask yourself:

  • How long you’ve been experiencing these things.
  • Do you feel a physical stress response somewhere in your body, i.e. neck pain, lower back issues, gut tightness?)
  • Is this something you think you can handle on your own?
  • Is it a priority for you to have something different show up for you in your business life?

And then, just for fun, see if you can enjoy the challenge of just being where you’re at and not making whatever “it” is as wrong. Yes, in the “it doesn’t feel like work” universe it can be just like that!

What would you need in order to take action? May I suggest that the main ingredient you may want to consider if you’ve had enough of one of the “red flag” areas above? Are you really DONE with things being more of struggle with unfulfilling results than what you really want? What do you believe it would take for you to shift the results you’ve been getting?



This is an enormous sum and a rampant problem! And it’s not just in corporations but in both midsize and small businesses. Have you noticed lately that there are a lot of “help wanted” signs posted on neighborhood businesses? And in larger businesses, recruiters are busier than ever before. They have a continuous flow of repeat business coming their way from clients who are finding that once they invest a year or two into training a new employee, just when they become fully operational to their team or division, they resign.

What’s up with that?

Well from being in the loop of learning the real story from clients, there’s a couple of trends rising to the surface that are not infusing long-term commitment, loyalty or skill growth. One, is that so many workplaces are toxic culture soups where the personalities, errant communication and solo agendas get in the way of having a successful, rewarding and cooperative environment. That’s a huge issue to dive into since when you have that going on, the first person tossed with blame is the leader and their style of leadership.

A potent life example is what’s going on in the U.S. capital right now. There’s something amiss and that seems to involve errant communication and perspectives; mixed with an array of other “stuff” that I won’t get into right now. Instead, let’s get back to the focus of doing business in today’s often challenging market. What if business leaders began to operate from their own Zone of Genius as masters of connection and engagers?

The most forward-thinking business owners and leaders are now understanding that doing business the same old way isn’t working as well any longer. There’s a global wave of including conscious business principles from startups to small businesses, NGOs and C-Corps. The “genius zone” is achieved when you can broaden your perspectives, skillsets and become masterful in engagement. We’ve identified four critical areas that include subset skills such as learning styles, intelligence types, connection and executive functions based on neuroscience and transformational research.

One last area to touch on briefly is that most businesses do not have the foresight to help each person at all levels to grow their own skillsets or to recognize performance in meaningful ways. The most standard way of looking at this “engagement” issue is for Human Resources (HR) to provide surveys and a wide array of tiered incentive programs specific to the area of engagement.

Well most HR people are overwhelmed with their already full plate. It’s unrealistic to think they can solve the engagement problem alone without support from top executives, middle management and others on the team or in the division. This is a bottom-up approach and not a top-down one. In other words, the sum of everyone working in a business is integral to the whole of the business success.

The results are often spotty with follow-up incentive packages or bonuses. That’s proving to not be enough for someone to stay with a business. Oh sure, everyone dreams of landing with a startup or other business that mirrors the success of Facebook or LinkedIn or Amazon in the early success days.

When that doesn’t happen, what’s the payoff to stay engaged with the business? It needn’t be a splashy outcome. It just needs to be…drum roll please…FULFILLING!

Some forward-thinking C-Corps are taking a different direction with mindfulness trainings, a happiness focus and appreciation contexts to spur on employee-driven engagement and commitment. Just so you know, the latest research (                    ) reports significant jumps in engagement when appreciation and connection comes into daily play in a business. It also lends to the complete package of an individual being valued not just as a productivity machine but as an integral part of the business. Business owners and leaders are missing out if they fail to understand the critical importance that anyone working in the business must be getting some inner nourishment.  If that’s not happening, they will naturally begin to question if their role in the business is the most right-aligned match for at the very least, a part of their overall purpose and intentions for their own life growth.

And the end-goal is to be solution-driven so that everyone on the business ship shores up.

As a business leader or if you’re an entrepreneur business owner, you cannot do everything on your own. There’s just way too much to do! You need a supportive team so you can leverage whatever it is you do best. That’s where the Zones of Genius comes in.

When you’re operating in and from the Genius Zones, you’ll have a composite of overlapping skills that seem to almost effortlessly boost your engagement across all areas, including, sales, revenue and business growth. You’ll also note increasing trends with your business in productivity, efficiency, innovation, and more. Even satisfaction and enthusiasm will jump along with fulfillment and happiness.

Here’s a brief overview of some Genius Zones; specific to the area of Disengagement:

Zone 1: Self-Awareness – to become so astute and perceptive that you rarely miss signs of disengagement.

Zone 2: Accelerate Learning – simply put, if you’re not really accomplished at communication and social/emotional/financial intelligence connecting with others in your business, it’s skill ramp up time to boost your capacity.

Zone 3: Improve Analytical Thinking – systems to track your own productivity and others in you business based on engagement to a specific project or business need.

Zone 4: Upgrade Interaction with Others – across six tiered skillsets that as a composite encourage thriving in many levels of your business. The bonus is that the rest of your life will follow along too!

Congratulations! You’ve taken a first step in becoming more aware of all the components of ENGAGEMENT! What’s the next step? Take ONE ACTION STEP TODAY! Of course, I’d love to hear about what the TOP THREE PROBLEMS are that you’re having based on ENGAGEMENT! Please let me know by scheduling a Discovery Session here.