In a Forbes article of some note, the headline stated that, “Only Conscious Capitalists Will Survive.” That wakes you up, doesn’t it? It’s not meant to paralyze you in fear. As a leader, there’s not a lot of room to stay in fear. Leaders get to flex their resilience muscles to do more than ride out a wave in apathy. So here’s an opportunity to create some massive change in your businesses

To thrive in business game right now, you need to look forward and take a guessing leap at where you’ll be in five years if you keep doing what you’re doing. Stay in the slow road of change and you may not see your business grow as fast as it has been. Another scenario is that you won’t be in business any longer doing business the same way.

It’s not a doomsday prophecy of failure. It’s realistic to today’s marketplace. There’s an emergent trend to follow in the tracks of businesses like Whole Foods, Java Juice and Tom’s Shoes. Although these businesses each cater to different market shares, they have something in common: Conscious Capitalism.

So what is a Conscious Business that embraces Conscious Capitalism? Whole Foods’ John Mackey and his research partner Raj Sisodia, have stated that it refers to “businesses that serve the interests of all major stakeholders —customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment.” Generally the main criterion is to include in your company’s tenet or mission, that your product or service does not cause intrinsic harm to humans or the environment.

This is much more than jumping on the bandwagon of social responsibility. As a business leader, it’s your role to be at the helm as an inspirational and authentic role model. And then step right into position to also believe that each person on your team can upgrade his or her own skill sets to align with your mission. That’s an essential criterion to impactful leadership.

Here are 3 Tips:
1. Get really clear how your personal and business mission fit together
2. Do what it takes to be “on fire” in leadership mojo
3. Show up, motivate and inspire your team to grow along with you

As a final note, take a brave leap to follow your instincts on where to point your business’s direction. And, of course, enjoy the ride of what shows up for you!