Do you know what you don’t know? This is NOT a trick question. No, on the contrary, this can be a very real blind-spot for many business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is guaranteed to sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Okay, so aside from the obvious things we don’t know (or maybe don’t need to know) like how to build the technical components of an electric car or all the strategic steps of doing business online. You can breathe a sigh of relief here.

If you want something done but have no clue how to do it, or even the first place of where to begin, you can always find someone out there in the universe of business to hire instead. If it brings them joy to do “it,” all the better! 

After all, there are experts all over the place who are anxiously awaiting your call. If you’ve got the cash, they’ll gladly lend you a hand and step in. There’s a freedom knowing that their expertise can take over in any area you need. To emphasize, you don’t need to know everything! Cheers to another sigh of relief in leveraging yourself!

Yes, it seems like a simple concept doesn’t it? So what gets in the way of this viewpoint? 

As a business leader or entrepreneur, you have a vast amount of knowhow and expertise in your specialty industry. Kudos to you on your journey to get where you are right now! There may be some things getting in your way that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW YET!

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” 
       ― Plato, The Republic

Since you are a uniquely designed human personality with the intelligence, character traits and talents to be where you are right now in your business, how much time do you waste daily cluttering your brain with unnecessary chatter? To paraphrase the brilliant sentiment said by the Founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, during his guest interview turn with Tim Ferris on his recent show “Fearless,” he uses a daily practice of journaling to unclutter his mind as, “a mental window wiper.” A few head nods and chuckles inserted here.

Does this ring true for you?

If all the mental chatter is getting in the way of you easing up a bit on the whole “need to know it all” thing, you may want to consider what blind-spots you might have. And since blind-spots are hidden from your view or awareness, you may want to participate in a 360 process or simply ask trusted colleagues or even friends what comes up for them about you in a specific area.

It takes courage to look at your blind-spots for sure. Especially in recognizing if certain things have repeated themselves with the same results over the years. Another option?  Continue as is. Ouch!

When you get to, “I’m done doing it this way!” then it’s time to take another road Only then can you shift from all the regular old outcomes into something you really want instead.

In business you interact with many different personalities. Some more challenging than others. How would you like to work with a highly recommended expert in marketing, “Jamie,” who failed to meet any of the agreed upon deadlines? This has happened to me. It’s frustrating and a major time-waster! Even sending out end-of-the-month invoices didn’t happen without calling to remind him! And yet here’s a perfect example of a talented pro who absolutely fails in so many areas of “not knowing.”

Without going into great detail about the lack of communication, productivity systems and follow up, “Jamie” seemed stuck in the blind-spot arena he couldn’t see it. Although he’s an engaging and creative talent, sadly I cannot make a referral to colleagues.

And this is tricky to address since blind-spots are cloudy misperceptions accompanied by misdirected mindsets. People can and will get defensive and shut down from any well-meaning, supportive feedback. How do you deal with the trickiness addressing any limiting beliefs about what another person believes they know but really are not seeing?

In the August, 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine, Mike Agugliaro, owner of Gold Medal Service and CEO Warrior, always asks other people, “Would you rather hear a hurtful truth or a comforting lie?”

Great questions!!! Here’s some Leadership Tips you can use when in a difficult conversation with someone who tends to be a “know it all”:

Tip #1. Be consciously intentional in what you say. It’s best to begin by taking ownership of what’s not working for YOU and your vision of how it could be (using “I” statements).

Tip #2. Gage how open the person is about learning something new. How curious are they about their blind spots?

Tip #3. If they are not ready to be curious or have an interest to learn something new, then they’re not ready and it’s not your job to change them.

Tip #4. Meet them where they’re at for a satisfying resolution or outcome for you. If they’re an employee, it’s your job to determine if they can continue to be a good fit for your business or not.

Tip #5. Be kind! Really feel empathy for their process without making them wrong. Whatever the outcome, there will be mutual respect for how it’s addressed.


Take some time to REFLECT on:

  • Are you satisfied living life as it is right now?
  • Are you a “learner” or controller?
  • What fulfills you in your business and in your life?
  • Do you get reactive when someone suggests you missed something?
  • Can you receive feedback presented in a positive and kind way?
  • Or, do you shut down to any consideration that you may not “know it all?”
  • Are you ready to open up to a wider lens of possibility to reach different results than you’ve been getting right now?


But first, recognize and “know” where you’re at right now. And remember, begin first on your own mindset about to having to be right or be an expert. What can you shift? That one tiny shift will help you become more transparent and relaxed.

It’s a courageous move for you to open up more learning possibilities!

Possibility: a thing that may happen; a likelihood;

a hope; a risk; an option, choice, course of action or solution.

Yes, the more you trust not knowing, the more possibilities will begin showing up. Things you never even considered. Why is that? Because YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN THE SHOW when you can create others to speak their point of view with more ease.

A successful business owner, “Jay” recently approached Paul, my partner, at an event. The first thing he said was, “I’ve been watching and listening to you and I want to hire you to be my coach.” When Paul responded with “Tell me more.” Jay’s shoulders dropped in relief as he admitted, “I want you to show me what I don’t know that I don’t know.” WOW!

Jay was willing to go to the next level in his business and in his life. He knew there was something missing and was willing to go the distance having another set of eyes guide him. He was also ready to let go of trying to control things with a tight grip in order to survive the daily grind of being an entrepreneur He was ready to invite fulfillment into his life and to take his business to the next level too!

Working with “It Doesn’t Feel Like Work” clients to have a “Thriving Business by Design,” is constantly full of surprises.

Would you like to have more ease in your work and life? Is having to “know it all” getting in the way of your growth, business profit and all that makes a successful venture purr?


There’s a bonus that comes with not knowing what you don’t know and that is a renewed excitement for the unexpected in your business and life as well as the freedom it affords you. Curiosity to reflect upon your blind-spots not only expands who you are as an individual, it also creates a powerful leadership mindset of vulnerable magnetism. Employees will form new levels of respect and clients will want to work with you and your business. A lot of forward growth in you will shore up those who want to work with you in a way that seems pretty effortless.

The vision of “It doesn’t feel like work” believes our mission is to show how a composite of 9 specific areas can and will accelerate business growth, profitability and flourishing. To any reader who is wondering what the next step might be in up-leveling their business and work-life balance to include more ease and fulfillment, here’s an invitation to DISCOVER WHAT YOUR BLIND-SPOTS might be that are getting in your way. 

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