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Our mission to serve business owners and their teams with upgrading to more conscious business principles and tools with events and workshops.

So many business owners feel alone and networking groups aren’t really addressing what many want – to be part of a thriving community of like-minded others. If you are wanting to continue both your personal and professional development and would like to hang out with others who want the same, we invite you to come to one of our San Francisco Mindvalley group events.

Join us every two months for our workshops!

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The Bay Area Social Entrepreneurs One Day Seminar Swings Open The Doors To A Life Beyond Ordinary…

For Successful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders, and Project Managers who are interested in growing, co-creating and co-elevating positive impact in themselves and others.

Upcoming BASE Workshops: 

January 2020


March 2020


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December 2019

Register here https://122019masterclass.safechkout.net/

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, are you still as excited as you were when you first came up with the brainchild idea of your business?

Learn how to bring MORE Time, Money and Meaning Into Your Life and Business SO IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE WORK

Running a business can run your life. There’s always something to do or to take care of. Things that don’t get done. 

Opportunities you have no time to follow up on so you leave “cash behind on the table.” You know firsthand how much time it takes to run your business.

Never enough time, right?  You may even feel like you’re not moving ahead as quickly as you want to. 


Stop Worrying About Cash Flow

How to Unplug from the Digital World

Sleep Better

Improve Your Health. Fitness and Relationships

Look Forward to the Work Week Ahead of You

Register here https://122019masterclass.safechkout.net/