Isn’t work supposed to be hard and unenjoyable? Hey, it’s just a job, right? Happy at work?!!! That seems to cancel out the possibility of happiness just by it being at work.

That is unless your purpose is now realized in a dream job that’s a good fit for who you are. Most of you are not in that position yet.

This may come as a surprise but the answer is not about empowering leaders and employees.

But it may be a joke to think you have to spend time on that. You see if you’re doing your job skillfully you’re already empowered.

You can ask yourself if it’s a right fit that helps you grow as an individual or not?

If workload stress and feeling depleted by the end of the day is getting to you, it may not be the right sort of workplace for you to thrive in.

One thing that might be missing is an opportunity to have a shared vision and goals of contribution. When you give to someone, even some small kindness, it feels really, really great, doesn’t it?

What might be possible if more businesses tried to do even one small thing to make the world a better place to live in?

This past week, Starbucks announced that they are outlawing plastic straws! Just that one small thing will decrease landfill waste. It’s also sending a powerful message to consumers about how plastic doesn’t benefit the planet.

Imagine If you fast-forward a few years into the future. What if you experienced how your company helped make a positive difference for others?

Are you wondering what people would say about you if you took a bold stance for what you want to contribute to others? If it’s wildly crazy and novel, others may also get excited about it too then jump on-board with your vision.

Maybe even bringing forth a new way of doing and being in business that stands for something greater than making a profit.

Making money decades ago used to mean being a success with financial security. That’s not true for most people any longer. The old way of doing business to grow bigger, make more money, squash the competition approach, seems to be a broken system.

Small steps taken to grow your mindsets about your business and career may be what it takes to grow your Happy at Work self.

Negative outlooks block physical health and wellbeing. It also causes a disruption in productivity – yours and everyone else’s too!

Co-workers may avoid being around you if your attitude breaks a connection of positive outlook and motivation. Maybe you can think of someone you work with who casts a dismal shadow on your own work productivity and growth.

Negative attitudes cause promotions and key projects to pass you by. You may have the intelligence, experience and a multitude of degrees but that’s not what higher ups will value about you. And being stuck in that mindset trap won’t support your happiness at work.

Shawn Achor, happiness researcher at Harvard and International best-selling author of the book, “The Happiness Advantage,” states one of the important indicators of success at work is if you “raise your own positivity and happiness in the present.”

Intelligence is only a 25% a predictor of success.  Creating a positive base of reality for yourself, plus emotional and social IQ, come in at 75% predictors of success! Shawn Achor calls these three elements the “Triangle of Success.”

Are your current mindsets and old beliefs getting in the way of you thriving in  work and life?

Here’s a wild idea.

Get out of your own way.

Try something else to test if you get different results.

Even if what you’re experiencing is uncomfortable. It’s still an opportunity for personal growth.

A recent study by Google found that a personal crisis creates transformations for greater capacities in empathy, kindness, authenticity, understanding and more depth of emotional intelligence. People who become transformed by their own personal growth have been found to have traits that make the best employees


Spiritual Growth is becoming less weird and

more accepted within the business community.

Common wisdom is that it comes first before everything else.


This point of view guides you in the direction that work can become a vehicle of your own personal growth.

Life catches up with you being who you’re meant to be. If and only if you have the courage to give yourself that gift.

It may not make a whole lot of sense to you yet since you may still think that if you work hard, you succeed. Still clinging to old belief paradigms about what you’ve been taught about success.

Gallup poled top executives and found that despite financial and career success, 50% were lonely and unhappy.

 Well that’s contrary to common beliefs, isn’t it?

In fact, when you achieve a goal you merely push the next goal in front of you. You keep raising the bar of a never-ending cycle.

If you’ve reached six figures then what’s next? Seven figures and up.

Finally got that promotion, now what? Leave for a better position or do that startup you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe get a bigger house or faster sports car, then are you done?

Success in the old paradigm is increasingly illusory in today’s business climate. It’s a race to the top that never ends!

Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are two timeless examples of outliers of what happens when you put your values first.

Take a moment to reflect if in your current work situation meets your innermost goals and desires. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you learning and growing?
  2. Is your work giving you a variety of experiences?
  3. Are you excited on Mondays to be a part of your team?
  4. Do you have a best friend at work?
  5. Do you feel that your talents are a valued asset to your team?

In our company of “It Doesn’t Feel Like Work,” we work with leaders and teams to break the mold of “work being hard” to upgrade and awaken each individual’s inner growth to become a crush-it “HAPPY AT WORK CULTURE!”

Here are some quick tips to be Happy at Work:

  1. Encourage Authenticity – being seen, empowered by vulnerability and shared visions.
  2. Applied Mindfulness – integrate being mindful with gaining growth-oriented insights.
  3. Rewire Your Brain for Positivity – gain awareness of when and where negative thoughts and emotions get in the way.
  4. A Connectedness Culture – with shared goals and visions, contribute to individuals, the team, the community and the planet.
  5. Autonomy – creates a culture of diversity, acceptance, innovation, creativity and less of following archaic group think attitudes.

The new normal includes creating a culture of Happy at WORK!

Be bold in behalf of your own happiness at work!

Success begins within!

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As always, I do read your comments and invite you to engage with me on anything about your work culture that is getting in your way.

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