In my own life, as I spend time daily, actively envisioning where I want to be in three years, I’ve had a few “Ah Hah’s!” Well to be crazy honest, more than a few! It’s as if a rushing waterspout of insights keeps flowing out when I least expect it.

Right now, I’m super inspired. Why, you may be wondering right about now? I have no idea about anything in particular. It’s seems to be from an inherent pleasure in being alive and saying “YES!” to more than ever before. Oh sure, there are moments when I just want to curl up with a book and not really do anything else. Part of being human. The ebb and flow of life’s mysteries.

There’s no stopping me when I decide something will happen. My approach is to mindfully envision what it is. Feel it showing up but not know how. And it goes without saying that the timing is never known to me, isn’t. Like being on a path to fully become my extraordinary self without having a map of how to do that. It’s full of surprises. I’ve also learned that the common SMART Goals, i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, recorded and timely, are passé!

The essentials on where to begin mindfully setting goals are to gather skillsets, insights and other information along the way. There’s are times when you decide to reach a goal that you only have a meager supply of how to get there. A suggested remedy is to somehow, someway maintain a curious beginner’s mindset to stay resilient and be able to land on your feet quickly like a cat. Purrfect!

What would your life experience be like if you could stay curious and know that all decisions (even the ones that do not end up being the best choices) brings you closer to more of your authentic and very real self. I’m not sure where you stand on this but I’ve never desired to be perfect. Then there wouldn’t be any opportunities or surprises to choose in the same way. I guess I like surprises although they can be scary at times.

For more than several years, I’ve been saying “Yes”. Even when the thing scares the heck out of me. If it feels clearer to say “Yes” and not “No,” I go for it. I guess it’s how I’m wired to grow, out of and in spite of, my comfort zone. Clarity somehow comes through at those moments.

Recently I was delighted to discover a book, “Year of Yes” a bestseller which came out a few years ago, in my monthly book group by the award-winning TV producer and writer, Shonda Rhimes. The author really dives deep into saying “Yes.” Her premise is to find a “Yes” inside of you and become more of the authentic you. A witty, insightful and fun read that I’m enjoying.

Say “Yes!”

Go for it!

Rise above discomfort


So that brings us back to learning some steps on how you can reach the future vision that is calling to you. The doubts may creep in and sway you from your path and if the goal seems to be a part of your purpose in living this life, then go for it!

Pay attention to what comes up for you. If it’s what you truly desire, is it an unrealistic venture? I won’t play around with you here since it might be but who really, really cares?!!! If it’s calling to you then why can’t you position yourself, inside and out, to have a chance at having your vision show up in this lifetime?

Here’s the truth. Small actions over time create massive impact! By taking actions, you’re activating a switch inside of you; setting it all in motion. The path to reach your goals may not turn out to look like anything you pictured. Does that really matter? If you understand how your own brain and mind works then you can upgrade the way you perceive your life.

Life often dispenses us a lot of curve balls. The more competencies you gather inside yourself, the easier it becomes; despite at times going off the path to get to where you want to go. Doubts can be a part of it. When you wonder if it’s not only unrealistic but a bit lofty as a goal, that activates your limiting beliefs about who you are and opposes what else is possible.

Engaging in an active awareness of your current state of affairs is one of the keys. Being able to reflect on where you are and what you envision your future to be like, are central attributes of meta-intentional, mindful goal setting.





Creating lasting change is a series of learning opportunities. Growth is a constant on the path of being human as you journey toward your future.

Mindful goal setting begins when you access being connected with your essential presence of being centered and aware. Finding your balance. Knowing that you’re being supported in connecting to it. Whether it includes a higher source, a favorite nature experience or a beloved person or pet. Something bigger than you that includes you to be extraordinary in daily life. That’s the juiciness so that you find meaning, purpose and satisfaction instead of the barren landscape of apathy, hopelessness, stress and anxiety.

Step 1: Find Your Presence

A calm sense of self activates your mindful goal setting switch. A great way to begin is to:

  • Breathe in for a count of 5
  • Hold breath for a count of 5
  • Exhale slowly for a count of 5

Step 2: Settle Your Mind

The above breathing exercise will help create a stillness practice for you in the present moment. Calming your mind clears the way for your vision to emerge of your set intentions. Please know that it isn’t necessary for you to completely quiet your “monkey mind.” Being active and presently aware of your thoughts is beneficial to the process of mindful goal setting.

A great resource is the “6-Phase Guided Meditation” by Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley (

I do it daily and it really helps not only shift my busy mind but also seems to increase my productivity and sense of calm too.

Step 3: Connect with Your Heart

A beneficial way to do this is to begin with feeling compassion for yourself and your journey in life. Sending compassionate thoughts to loved ones or those in need is another benefit to this practice. Then remind yourself about what you’re grateful for. Your heart beating, your breath, wonderful relationships, health…the sky’s the limit on this! This step also reduces stress, anxiety and being stuck in beliefs or fears.

Step 4: Visualize it

See your short-term and long-term goals. Really engage in this vision. Go as big and outrageous as your creativity takes you. Design it into the most perfect form of your imagination.

Step 5: Anchor it

Write down your top goals! Feel your hand connect with a writing utensil and the paper. This sends a powerful learning reality message to your brain. It creates a “buy in” inside all your systems that’s a more engaging and long-lasting internal message than digital keyboarding. It doesn’t fully activate a part of your brain that allows your goals to take form.

Include positive emotions. All the details (visual, tactile, kinesthetic, taste, touch, olfactory and auditory/verbal). Get really clear on your motivation, your why of going there and then feel as if you’ve already reached that goal. Make it real inside of you. Celebrate it being so!

As the character, Captain Jon Luc Picard, on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” says, “Make it so!”