Growing up with a successful solopreneur dad, left a huge imprint on me. His distinctive viewpoint and mindsets on both business and life gave me a rich trove of abundant wisdom. Although at times it did show up in the form of skepticism and doubting; questions about my brilliant “in the moment” plan. Yikes! What a stark reality check! Those bubbles of inner enthusiasm squashed for quite some time until I finally figured out that my thoughts were only in charge of me – if I let them be.

How many of your inner doubts are fueled by how you were raised or by all of your life experiences? Hey, I know my dad never knowingly meant to harm me, he only wanted the best for me. And I know how lucky I was to have someone who believed in me. Still for a long time I became blindsided relying too much on self-doubt as my truth gage. In fact, at moments I became the queen of self-doubt so much so that many of those thoughts clouded my reality of me. The outcome was the formation of some pretty heady and mostly untrue beliefs.

In fact, I gathered so much inner Gremlin material that I became well-versed in the language of self-depreciation. Yes, my dreams and visions of how to make a greater impact in the world could be squashed with a mere, albeit innocent, lethally targeted thought; fueled ever so subtly by an errantly misplaced belief.

There’s a psychological term called the “double-bind.”  It’s defined as a situation where a person is given a conflicting cue, especially by a role model such as a parent, that to obey one cue is to disobey the other. A double-bind can often create opposing beliefs. In other words, there’s a dilemma of internal struggle going on inside of you.

Growing up, I would hear a skeptical question about my life dreams, “That’s not being realistic. You should stay at your job. More secure.” This was followed up by an optimistic and encouraging comment, “But when you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Just find the gap and fill it.”

There was a gridlock pattern of double-bind gremlin voices going on in my head! For years! Until one of my mentors clued me in about the two mindset voices. I had no idea how much it all stood in my way. Talk about opposing forces of skepticism and optimism messing with my attempts to become more acutely aware of how I show up in the world!

Still, I know I was really lucky to have a dad who didn’t like to work for anyone else. And that’s definitely not for the faint of heart. I guess I’m a lot like my darling dad. Wonder if he had those two voices talking to him too? My guess is, yes he did!

When my dad was setting out on his own, technology hadn’t yet become the right and left hand of business. And the economy wasn’t so inflated and upside down. The middle class could taste firsthand the richness of having a successful business. My dad’s generation had basically two prominent choices: 1) Seize opportunities as an employee (and hope you didn’t get bored) or, 2) Just do it! (whatever “it” spurred you on to do). The basic ethic was still drilled in a capitalistic mindset of: work hard, bury the competition and make money above all else!

Wow! Yes, that same mindset of being a business shark continues in a feeding frenzy around us. Yet in today’s speed of light marketplace, there’s another mindset voice coming to town. Did you know that conscious businesses are the fastest growing in the world right now?

Many of you are now wanting to do a business that aligns with your purpose and values; in ways that allows you to give back and contribute to others. To make a big impact in a positive way. It’s not only about the money! It also includes the lifestyle and freedom to be creative. To be a nonconformist influencer and change-agent.

Interestingly, when you become more aligned with an upgraded, consciously aware mindset of business ownership, your revenue grows! So does your life happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. So it’s pretty darn cool, and daresay, cutting edge, to become more aware of how your mindsets and beliefs can and will impact your business in today’s market.

But beware, your own inner Gremlin voice may at any given moment enter your brain to veer you off your brilliant and innovative path as a business owner. It may keep you awake at night. It may mess with your plans. So if you’re clearly on a path that spurs you to keep going then, like my dad said (and of course that famous sports shoe company!), “Just do it!” to have a bigger contribution with your business and greater satisfaction with your life.

Once clear on your path, you must, yes absolutely must, navigate that really obnoxious Gremlin mindset voice. You can’t force it out. You can learn to quiet it down. And the only way to do that is to become more aware of moments when you lose your footing of what’s really important to you. And remember, you are the only one in charge of where your thoughts take you.

Here are 3 Tools to Try:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE your Gremlin, “Hi. Thanks for stopping by but I’m focused right now on something else.” Makes your Gremlins easier to be around. They’re a part of what makes you so uniquely you. So instead of trying to get rid of them, consider them as a part of you. They’ll make you gather more information for sure!
  • Ask yourself, “Is this happening now?” Pops you right back into a PRESENT TIME REALITY CHECK! Your gremlin voices will try to keep you stuck in the past or into the unknown terrain of the future.
  • Invite your MOST AWARE SELF to quiet those annoying Gremlin voices. If what you’re passionate about is really important to you, let them guide you to have more awareness of what’s important to you in both your life and business. They’re a part of you! Those voices can become mindset growth remedies for you to create opportunities you may not have thought of before.  

These 3 tools can and will shift you into a more acutely sensitive awareness of your mindsets; especially when your trusty Gremlin voices threaten to wreck havoc and keep you in a double-bind tug-of-war of beliefs. A bonus is that you’ll notice that this perspective shift will sharpen your overall fulfillment in both your business and in your life. And, your moment-by-moment efforts position you for more ease, impact and success simply by upgrading your level of awareness and choosing to hang out with other like-minded business owners like yourself.

If you’d like to dive deeper, schedule a call with me here!