Oh no! Another sharp turn in the road you didn’t see coming! The pieces aren’t fitting together and your timeline is way off. This deadline isn’t coming together! How am I going to complete this project if I can’t shore up?  If you’re a human, you know about resiliency. Okay, so if you’re completely honest you may not be really great at it but when you have to be, somehow you are. Right?

Resiliency Boosters

When challenges arise, the first thing on your agenda is to release the emotional charge in your body. De-stress as completely as you can. That’s the only way your brain will be at full-performance and availability for you to plan out another course of action. That’s when creativity shows up and when things aren’t going as planned, it’s a well-needed ally.

Of course, the optimum would be to gain self-control of the stress without self-medicating with food, drugs or alcohol.

Ask yourself:

Instead of giving up, what can you do to become resourceful?

What awareness can you gain from your emotional reaction to challenges?

What gift (that you didn’t expect) shows up for you when you reach an uncomfortable edge that knocks you off center?

What opportunity does the “crisis” reveal to you?

Activate yourself to de-stress in whatever way suits you. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Go for a walk and if not alone, share with your companion(s) your intention to be silent, aware of your body with each step while observing the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Spend five minutes staying aware of your breath and heartbeat and the spaces between.
  • If driving in your car, stay silent with no music or phone calls. Or, find some music and sing along with it!

The purpose is to reframe where your thoughts are taking you if they’re not helping you get the optimum results you want from this hurdle. The truth is that you sometimes have to just PAUSE, RESET, REFLECT, MOVE YOUR BODY before a new approach will come to you as the solution to the challenge. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and drop fully into being patient with the process. It may surprise you how quickly an opportunity will emerge that you didn’t see when you felt the stress take over your mind.

(Excerpts from Step 4: Genuine You chapter of the book “5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity”)