Are you facing just one crisis or is it a succession of them? If it’s a succession, then it may be that you’re in a “decent” path. This happens when a series of changes or uncomfortable situations challenge you with hard transitions. A bright thought about all of this is that when you do go through them, on the other side you somehow develop a greater resilience in your soul.

Journey of Initiation

Another way to look at these challenges is as a “Soul’s Journey” which deepens you in ways that an initiation or a right of passage does. These events seem to recruit you into new ways of drawing forth your inner strengths as important resources to rely upon. As you hold what you are going through in a new context, you can relax into the growth you will receive from this.

After you can take a step away from the challenge for a moment, then try asking yourself a few questions to get a new perspective about the overwhelm.

 The Power of Questions

  1. Am I _________(in hospice care, homeless without money, food, comforts, with no options, etc.) …right now?
  2. If “No” then move into noticing where any emotional fear or anxiety comes from. Does it belong to you or to a family member or a partner or to someone else? Whose responses, reactions or programs are these if not yours?
  3. Appreciate a moment of lightening up the stress for just a bit since it’s NOT YOURS! Now see the overwhelming angst being launched somewhere (into a cloud, the earth, a hot air balloon, a mud puddle, a ray of sunshine, etc.) away from you. Can you begin to feel some ease that the fear story you’ve been telling yourself isn’t true NOW?

Self-Care Rituals

Do some movement (walk, dance, yoga…) or something pleasurable (a cup of tea, sing, listen to a favorite song, read a funny book, call up a dear friend who tells the best jokes, laugh…) to move the emotional tension through and out of your body. It’s important to do this to calm all of the triggered stress hormones in order to have a clearer perspective. Are you feeling lighter and more hopeful?

Find gratitude in something immediate such as the beauty of a flower, your cat purring, your dog adoring you, the love inside you, your health, your incredible talent, a fragrant flower or your unknown options ahead. Hopefully you’re feeling even lighter in spirit by taking these steps.

Remember that when something expected ends or changes, there are often reasons we don’t fully understand yet. Have you ever tried to look at hard situations with appreciation that you’re being given an opportunity to stretch your wings in a different way than what has been comfortable for you?

Support Resources

If you can, try to develop some outer resources of people (family, friends, therapists, etc.) who might offer some type of emotional support so you can weather the storm with more ease. Even a quick phone call or daily text message will do wonders!

When you question if something will turn out all right or not, it’s very helpful to have something you can believe in. These may show up as such things as self-care rituals like a healthier diet, exercise, meditation, creative expression, a network of new resources to explore, interests and options.

Developing some positive action steps will help you begin to feel a connection to something bigger than you are. Then you can explore the idea that the challenge or loss of something you counted on has opened up space for an even better “something” to show up.

What’s next?

What else is possible for you to have a miraculous life?

What is so right about this – which I do not understand YET?

Using the above strategies helps to redirect high emotions that will often intrude upon you turning around a situation. Without the barrier of reactivity, you are free to become fully embodied and can put into action plans for new outcomes in the face of any challenge.  And remember to do your best to stay in the present moment by appreciating how breathing and your heartbeats sustain you to move forward into the unknown with enthusiasm.

What might be in the cards for you when you can confidently say “no” to habits of reactivity that stand in your way?